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The Demethrin Five

Join 5 new adventurers as they delve into the Northern Wastelands of Demethrin to discover what evil awaits there and save the continent from certain doom...

Episode One
"The Kings Command"

The Demethrin Five experience a shared dream before their first meeting. They awaken in an atmosphere shrouded by sulfur and arcane energy. Each witness a robed figure with a partially rotted face, performing a dark ritual that awakens a tentacled beast from deep underground. Several nights later, and history is being made. Aegis and Astra are the first Rhódanians to cross the Demethrin border, while escorted by royal warships. Aegis is an albino Drow, with ethereal features and long, perfectly poised limbs. Astra is a Half Wood Elf with long luminescent green-turquoise hair that at times seems to move on its own. With catlike eyes and a mischievous expression, there’s something friendly yet unsettling about her appearance. Together they sail into Derrin Keep, where they experience the mixed opinions Demethrins have toward Rhódanians. 


Once inside the Keep, we meet the other individuals summoned by King Midas. Gekáto is a Lizardfolk, with black scales and a red underbelly. He wears a feathered green cap, and a cloak clasped with the emblem of their deity Raya. Gekáto also wears a kilt, though their belt is not enough to contain all of their weapons. The moment Gekáto recognizes Astra, they make a valiant attempt to attack her and take her down, seeking justice for the damage she wrought in the shadow realm. Ginkgo is tall for an Autumnal Eladrin, who is a moving palette of Fall colors, though her leathers are unique and appear dyed. Ginkgo makes a habit out of studying human behaviors and writing her observations into a notebook. She expresses polite confusion with Gekáto’s outburst. Kamora is a Half-Orc in uniquely crafted armor who is tall even while sitting, watching the display before her with a tempered scowl and bright yellow eyes. Gekáto’s attack on Astra is thwarted by the arrival of Lothan; a regally-dressed yet universally disliked figure of King Midas’ court. As time is of the essence, this party are to be escorted through the Branch of Pelor network; which is able to transport them from one side of Demethrin to the other in an instant. Still, Gekáto swears to Astra that their conversation isn’t over. 


On the other side of the portal is Cathremand, and the main chambers of King Midas’ court. The King welcomes this adventuring party, some receiving a more personal greeting than others. The task before them is simple; the Rot from the Northern lands is an unspeakable evil that needs to be destroyed. It has the power to reanimate the deceased and bring them back as formidable foes. King Midas fears that if the Rot is not eradicated, it will mean certain doom for Demethrin. At first Gekáto objects to working alongside Astra given their history, which earns them swift retribution from King Midas should they be unable to cooperate during this mission. Before the adventurers are sent on their way (with little to no royal assistance) Gekáto informs Midas of Lothan’s improprieties. A few preparations include Aegis asking for everyone’s funerary rights, and everyone heading to the tavern for a place to sleep that night, and some drinks! Ginkgo is given her first real taste of alcohol, and finds it makes her a better musician. A Halfling family challenges the adventurers to a drinking contest, one of their challengers being a Halfling boy called Lyle. All but the boy called Lyle fall unconscious. While he nearly bests Gekáto, Lyle eventually falls unconscious due to alcohol poisoning. Kamora intervenes to revert some of their damage. 


That evening as everyone sleeps, one of the Demethrin Five has a troubling dream. As Kamora defeats an enemy in combat, horrific purple maggots invade her dream. They eviscerate her crowd of admirers, before making their way up Oathkeeper and onto Kamora herself.

Episode Two
"Of Rot & Ruin"

The Demethrin Five are reconvening outside of the tavern. Tensions between Gekáto and Astra bleed into their mornings greetings, which only makes Ginkgo curious about whether morning arguments are custom among humans. Aegis is keen to avoid sunlight while Kamora arrives looking disheveled after her troubled sleep the night previously. Aegis has left the Underdark because he has observed there is something wrong with Death, which is what his family is here to serve. Gekáto is anxious to get out of the city, and away from the smell of sewage. Together the party begin to climb the mountain toward the northern wastelands, with Kamora offering a little help from Astra by summoning her mount, affectionately known as Momma. Along their journey they compare their skill sets to decide which would be the most useful on the road ahead. Gekáto takes charge of their role as the guide, leading the group to hide his outrageous hangover from the night before. Kamora picks up climbing gear on her way out of the city, meeting the rest of the party at the gates of Cathremand as they leave the city. The moment they are free from the city walls, Gekáto enjoys the fresh dirt the way only a Lizardfolk can. Further down the road they come across a campsite, where a Felis is camping out by himself. 


Here the party meets Buri, a traveler who can’t remember who or where he was before he became a traveler. While he isn’t eager to socialize with new people, Buri shares his fire and what he can remember of his story. Once Gekáto and Aegis check to make sure Buri isn’t under any unseen influence, Aegis offers to help Buri come back to himself, and remove any curse on his memory. While reluctant initially, Buri agrees; after his memory comes back, he’s desperate to get back to Rhódania. Now he remembers that his family were visiting the Seelie Court, and there was a ceremony held for his little sister Flora that went wrong. Fey have a scent and it hangs in the air according to Buri, who is even more alarmed to realize that Roshen’s Rise is in Rhódania and not in the Feywild where it belongs. While Astra looks through Buri’s diary, Gekáto convinces him to rest before setting off by himself in the evening. Through conversation, Gekáto learns that Astra might have more in common with them than they realized previously. Later that night, Gekáto shares their story of surviving the attack on the Court of Night and Magic with Kamora. Meanwhile Kamora opens up to Gekáto about being the daughter of the Witch Knight, and what Oathkeeper means to her and her family.


The next morning, Buri woke up before most of the group to quietly pack his belongings. Gekáto directs Buri to Cathremand first, as they hope to pass along to the Queen’s regard to the Summer Court. During the day’s travels the party reaches the border of the northern wastelands, arriving at a ruined settlement full of corpses that ran for their lives while being overtaken by the rot. While they examine this horrific scene, the party comes face to face with an adult red dragon that’s been overwhelmed by the corruption. The battle begins; with Ginkgo looking heartbroken by what she is seeing. The fight is brutal: Ginkgo, Astra, and Kamora are besieged by the dragon’s rot-breath, with maggots infecting their bodies. Kamora having to watch Momma disappear during the battle sends her into a rage; leading to two final brutal attacks that render the dragon into dissolved rot. Now they must do what needs to be done, Gekáto says, and burn the bodies so the rot can’t get to them anymore. Aegis is there to preside over funeral rites, and is offered a boon by Astra: if he writes his name in her book, he will be protected. Aegis agrees. 


After everyone has settled in for the night, it is Astra’s turn to have her dream turned into a nightmare. What would have been a peaceful day with Baba Yaga turns to a horrific sight, as Astra watches Baba Yaga become corrupted by rot. A voice that is not her own declares, “Now this world ends, and a new age begins, child. The age of Rot!” When the party wakes up the next morning, Ginkgo, Kamora, and Astra have dark spots on their skin where the rot has settled. 

Episode Three
"The Titan"

As the morning comes, Astra appears to be deeply disturbed by her nightmare. Aegis diagnoses the rot beneath the skin of Astra, Ginkgo, and Kamora, which proves to be difficult to remove regardless of their methods. Another symptom? Those infected with rot do not appear to bleed when cut anymore. Aegis recalls their dream surrounding the tentacles; which leads the rest of the party to realize they all shared the same dream. While Ginkgo is alright with amputation as an option, Gekáto proposes the Radiant Citadel in order to find a cure, though it is a long way off course from here. The party gain a better insight into Gekáto’s pragmatic nature, which is of no comfort to Kamora given her anxiety. Another symptom of the rot is discovered: when processing strong emotions, those infected by rot tend to glow bright purple, the same color of the maggots. Aegis experiences a similar glow when he is processing his emotions, he postulates that Kamora’s reaction is similar. Gekáto learns a valuable lesson that others process their emotions differently; when he learns that Ginkgo is in a state of neutrality that she describes as contentment after their battle with the adult dragon. The party vows to keep an eye on Kamora while she’s still processing her emotions. 


While scouting the valley ahead, Gekáto glimpses a figure in the distance hobbling due to some injury. They recognize this figure to be Domak, an old traveling companion of theirs returning from his visit to the wastelands. Gekáto gets the word to Kamora that they have company, going to greet Domak while Aegis cleans Ginkgo’s open bloodless wounds. The rot has retreated elsewhere in her body, for now. Domak was there at the city gates when they were broken, having already been on his way back to Cathremand. While trying to lead the invaders off, Domak’s bow was snapped after his encounter with another corrupted creature. Now Domak hopes to find reinforcements to help seal the gates and protect the border. Thanks to the Demethrin Five, the dragon was unable to get through this gaping vulnerability. Domak shares what he knows about the current state of Drúk-Sek and Drúk-Thar, where the rot is concentrated from the most. Gekáto theorizes about necromantic energy, referring back to their shared dream. Domak may have started with guarding the wall, but quickly realizes the rest of his grim fate with the rot living inside his body. Gekáto will pass along Domak’s request for reinforcements, but stresses that their friend cannot deliver it in person while they are infected with the rot. Zúk will make the journey instead. 


While Gekáto gives Zúk a pep talk before his own journey, Aegis attempts to remove the curse of the rot but the magic does not break through. Soon Zúk is off, as well as Domak. Now the party make for the tunnels leading beneath Drúk-Sek and Drúk-Thar. Gekáto guides everyone to the hidden path, while Aegis realizes the rot patches have expanded in those that have been infected. Aegis’ curse removal still has little effect. While they’re setting up camp for the night Gekáto has a moment of losing his temper which triggers a bout of acid damage inadvertently caused by his magic. After Astra makes tea for everyone, Kamora brings a cup to Ginkgo. Together they talk, and Ginkgo opens up about her origins, only for Kamora to reciprocate with the same. Aegis absolutely eavesdrops. Gekáto is intrigued by the Draconic nature of Ginkgo’s origins, wishing to learn more. As the party rests, Ginkgo’s snores sound like a dragon’s rumbling. Aegis and Kamora’s watches go by smoothly. 


It is Ginkgo’s turn for her dream to become a nightmare. One day with her parents, Ginkgo returns home with a bag of gold and a distinct medallion that her father finds enthralling. He’s there one moment, but disappears during the next. A storm rolls in on the horizon, as the colors of these lands start to seep away. The wood of her mother’s tree begins to crack, much to Ginkgo’s horror. Ginkgo’s father returns, his face eroded by rot as he blames Ginkgo for this. Moving as though controlled by some unseen force, Ginkgo watches herself dig her claws into the bark until maggots invade the cracks. Before her mother tree can fall, Ginkgo is pulled into a void and greeted by an unseen voice. They reveal that there is a traitor in the midst of the Demethrin Five. Brought back for a particularly brutal moment, Ginkgo witnesses her father as a badly wounded mortal man, though he leaves her with imperative information. The Titan of Rot rose from the earth itself, and its name? Demethrin. The medallion is the key, and it must not fall into their hands. 


Ginkgo awakens the next morning imploring her fellow adventurers that they need to hurry. After Ginkgo relays the details of her dream, the Demethrin Five share their theories about the identity of the potential traitor. The medallion has appeared in most of their dreams so far, and it could have a shared connection to the ritual from their first shared dream. Ginkgo, Astra, and Kamora realize their bodies have changed as a result of the rot; their vision is clearer, and Ginkgo feels stronger. Aegis warns them all that this is a temporary boon designed to encourage their eventual surrender. With these troubling thoughts in mind, the party packs their belongings and starts the trek into the tunnels. Meanwhile back toward the broken city gates, Domak’s mind and body are overtaken by rot as he heads for the city of Cathremand as though compelled by some unseen force.

Episode Four

The Demethrin Five travel the network of underground tunnels leading to Drúk-Sek and Drúk-Thar, traversing the safest possible path. Kamora offers the use of Momma to Astra again, as it adds to her regal aesthetic and it rankles Gekáto in a way she and Astra find hilarious. Despite their differences, Astra offers Gekáto a place atop Momma as well. The party spends the next few hours traveling deeper underground, where gravity gets heavier and the atmosphere gets more humid. At the entrance to the secret passage, the group must use a rope to climb down, which does little to settle Ginkgo’s nerves at being this far underground. Gradually everyone is able to make the climb, down to a much more temperate climate. Gekáto observes a divergence in the path that didn’t exist before; it’s as though an unknown force exploded out of the wall and left rubble in its wake.


While Gekáto does not relish traveling down the corrupted path, it is where they must go to purge the rot. From here the group goes on another careful trek through the corrupted path, deeper down into the mountain, until they reach a cavern housing a massive purple crystal. Gekáto means well with their pep talk to the party, though they can never resist the opportunity to throw a little shade, even deep underground. Once the adventurers have entered the cavern; investigating the crystal revealed it used to be a container, while the pallet nearby indicates the presence of previous adventurers. Also in the pallet are papers, pointing to an ancient discovery of something known as the Pancrota Anomaly. Further revealed by these papers is the fact that the crystal once acted as a seal, containing treasure that could alter fate itself. 


Among these discoveries is a piece of truly unfortunate news for Kamora. They learn the Witch Knight was sent to this place by the King as well. The final entry in the Witch Knight’s journal reveals that he was infected by the rot, and that the evil spread to Oathkeeper. He likely died here. He mentions Kamora’s mother, the shadow folk, and the ritual amulet which he prays cannot be used to corrupt elsewhere. This amulet is revealed to be distinct from the one Kamora wears. Now needing a moment to mourn her father, Kamora steps away to cry into Momma’s fur, as her friends hesitate with how best to console her as she grieves. Meanwhile Gekáto investigates the crystal, noting the forced removal of its contents, and that the area surrounding the crystal is free from corruption. Through careful trial and error, Ginkgo fights the rot’s pull in order for the crystal’s influence to rid her of corruption. This gives Gekáto the idea to fashion amulets for the entire party, though they notice the amulets do not exist on the Ethereal plane. The party decides to camp out near the crystal for an additional protection benefit. 


As the party settles into sleep, Kamora struggles to concentrate during her second watch. Tonight Aegis is visited by a dream that turns quickly into a nightmare. The memory of witnessing his mother’s death is tainted by the rot, by what he now knows to be Demethrin. This tactic will not work on Aegis, as he has overcome the trauma surrounding this memory. Demethrin’s intimidation tactics do not faze Aegis, either. Still, a final query gives Aegis pause. Demethrin posits that the necklace belonging to Kamora’s father’s companion might be the same one Kamora herself wears now. After Aegis awakens, this theory of Demethrin’s is brought into conversation. 


Kamora grows frustrated by these accusations, as tensions rise until it’s starting to sound like Gekáto believes Kamora is the traitor. Aegis’ intervention is not enough to stop Kamora’s sudden rage as she turns against the party! The fight is devastating, as these fast friends turn on Kamora given their mounting anxiety and paranoia. Aegis has the idea to cast Dispel Magic on Oathkeeper as Kamora wields it in combat. Whatever compulsion that led to her attacking her friends disappears. At first, she’s shocked. Then a strange voice says, “Disappointed!” The Demethrin Five watch in horror as a female Drow appears, their blade lodged firmly into Kamora’s chest. “Your friend said, sometimes you have to do these things yourself.” 

Episode Five
"Ending The Inevitable End"

After Jourrael stabs Kamora she disappears into the Earth, and one of the most intense battles to date for the Demethrin Five begins. Kamora tries to ignore the emptiness she senses from within Oathkeeper during combat. This is a long and exhaustive battle, and a few of the party end up looking worse for wear toward the end. Eventually Ginkgo brings down Jourrael via an intense vivisection, after which Aegis sets about preparing funerary rites for the recently deceased. Gekáto is disturbed by what they have just seen, until Kamora explains that Oathkeeper had started to mess with her mind. She does her best to make amends, healing Ginkgo’s wound. Gekáto acknowledges this by healing Kamora. Eventually the party sit back in camp and relax, which leads to a vulnerable discussion for all as each gets a chance to open up about their history and family.  


Gekáto is hesitant about going to sleep in case they have to face Demethrin in their dreams. They’re curious about Kamora’s connection with Oathkeeper, but now Kamora can see that Gekáto means well. They want to know if it means she has a connection to Demethrin as well, considering where Oathkeeper came from. Aegis admits that, as he is from the Underdark, he doesn’t entirely understand what a Dragon is. Gekáto is curious if the feeling of seeing the sky for the first time can be put into words, asking Aegis to try. Together the party share pieces of themselves with each other, which keeps their friendship open, honest, and real. 


Gekáto recounts their tale on the attack made against the Court of Night and Magic being truly moving. They share the additional detail of the voices of their friends they started hearing inside their mind, as they became a vessel for their departed souls. The voices of Gekáto’s friends brought them back from a truly dark period of their life. Aegis is moved by Gekáto in this moment, offering funerary rites to help their souls pass on to the next world. Telling their story means Gekáto is compelled to take first watch, in order to talk with their friends for a while. Before bed, Kamora writes a letter and tucks it into her father’s journal, sending Momma home with this special delivery. 


When Astra and Gekáto switch shifts, Gekáto takes a moment to thank Astra for all her help. While Astra’s watch is peaceful, Gekáto’s dreams are not. While in their dream they’re on patrol with their friends, soon their adventuring party encounters a mysterious door in the middle of their path. One by one it pulls all of their friends inside, though Gekáto’s nature as a pragmatist means they believe their friends are pulling a prank on them until the last possible moment. A booming voice implies to Gekáto that the door must remain closed, as “this” cannot be allowed to spread to all the realms, and must be contained. Eventually, begrudgingly, Gekáto moves through the door and finds themselves floating in the astral sea. 


Not long after Gekáto realizes this is a dream, a voice that is not Demethrin speaks. This unknown Drow refers to this space as a stopping off point. They have intercepted Gekáto’s dream from Demethrin to warn them of the difficult choice they are going to have to make. If this choice is not made, it will either cost Gekáto and their friends their lives, or bring about the end of everything. Before Gekáto can gain more insight, a wave of rot causes the door to burst open, and Gekáto wakes up, asking Astra for her help.


Kamora believes she has woken up alongside her friends, but she’s actually in another dream. The Witch Knight has visited Kamora, though the accusations leveled at her father and her family are still fresh in her mind. She’s hurt that she was kept in the dark about their intentions. The Witch Knight has come to make amends, and provide insight about Oathkeeper, stating, “Only a holy weapon of great significance could act as the seal.” In order to restore Oathkeeper to power, Kamora must make a new Oath. This way, she will hear her father’s voice as she wields the restored weapon. Kamora awakens with the ability to summon Oathkeeper in her grasp, ready to kick some ass. The ground beneath their feet begins to quake. 

Episode Six
"Ashes To The Wind"

It’s time for the Demethrin Five to continue, traveling down the passage into what could be their final battle. They arrive at an ancient temple, noting a series of ancient carvings on the wall depicting an ancient origin story. Kamora recognizes Oathkeeper in the carvings, and reveals her plan to the rest of her party. Sealing the rot may require another sacrifice. Though that would require the medallion, which they’ve been unable to find. Gekáto unearths another carving, which depicts two necklaces that were pulled apart. If the two are brought together, the beast will rise again. 


The earth trembles once more, and a great number of footsteps approach. This reveals the Rot Army - all of them Drow, with their eyes glowing red. While everyone hides with varying degrees of success, they hear a voice say, “Come now, Champions of Cathremand. Come feed your blood to the rot god.” The army attacks, and the Demethrin Five prove themselves capable of handling themselves in the ensuing onslaught. Ginkgo’s fireball takes the form of dragon’s breath, as a way of honoring her heritage. 


Gekáto hears a rumbling voice signaling the return of his crystal Zúk, who’s arrived with much needed reinforcements! Ginkgo’s father, a glorious golden dragon, clears the path ahead with his own fiery breath. He’s also brought along a few passengers: Lyle the Halfling Boy, and more of Gekáto’s friends from a previous adventuring party. A few of them have been corrupted by rot, but they’ve bolstered their resolve enough to be formidable in a fight. Cathremand soldiers enter the passage; the resistance gathered by the Demethrin Five is enough to hold the rot army back. Together they race each other down the cleared passageway, toward whatever danger lies ahead. 


At the end of the path? The altar, from their shared dream, along with the robed Drow that first conducted the ritual. This necromancer Drow informs everyone that they’ll have a hard time stopping him without both medallions. Revealing that one half of the pair ended up in Buri’s hands, who helpfully made his way off of the continent of Demethrin. The party charges forward to attack, though the attempt isn’t successful against this powerful foe. Through powerful arcane energy, the ceiling caves in around the group until they’re outside again. Above a storm rages, and below the rot has expanded over the ground. A guttural growl resonates from within the earth. Demethrin has awoken. Though no matter, Kamora declares that today is the day that a God falls. The battle commences. 


Kamora gets poisoned and Ginkgo gets briefly engulfed by Demethrin, who appears as an amalgamation of everything the rot has ever corrupted. Ginkgo’s father joins the fight, although he’s badly wounded by now. With a cry of “Bones to Dust, Ashes to the Wind!” Kamora’s divine smite is enough to end the fight, and send the rot crumbling into ashes. Here they have a finite amount of time until the rot is able to reanimate the deceased, unless they complete the sealing ritual. However the necromancer has gone, and Ginkgo’s father is too wounded to fly anyone anywhere right now. Kamora’s earlier mention of a sacrifice rings heavy in the hearts of the party, as Kamora steps forward. To the surprise of everyone, Gekáto steps forward beside Kamora. They’ve been traveling for a very long time, and they’re ready to rest at the campfire with the people they lost so long ago. 


It seems everyone has their reasons about why it should be them and not the others. Still, time is running out. Gekáto divides his possessions equally among the remaining party members. Kamora takes Gekáto’s hand, saying, “If we go, we go together.” Kamora takes Oathkeeper, and plunges it into the altar. The ritual starts, though Demethrin’s voice warns them that their mortal lives will not be enough to contain the rot. In another shocking twist, Ginkgo’s father plunges the blade deeper into the altar. His reasoning is similar to Gekáto’s, though he charges Ginkgo with protecting her mother during his final moments. The dragon’s spirit, along with the two bravest adventurers in Demethrin’s history, are absorbed into the Oathkeeper, which in turn disintegrates into ashes that scatter with the breeze.  


Gekáto’s friend Io arrives to bring Astra, Ginkgo, and Aegis back to Cathremand, where they watch as the northern wastelands of Demethrin sink into the sea. The devastation that the rot has left in Cathremand is extensive. Astra worries that she needs to repent for her actions, asking if she can follow Aegis who plans to see the world, as Gekáto had suggested. Ginkgo will join the two of them later, as she needs to get home to see her mother. Though first, they have a journey to make to Kamora’s homestead, in order to honor their friend’s last requests. Once they’ve arrived there, they must deliver the unfortunate news of her passing to Kamora’s mother, just as Momma arrives back home carrying Kamora’s letter, tucked inside the Witch Knight’s journal. 


In the days and weeks after these devastating events, something unexpected happens. Demethrin seeks aid from Rhódania, and are met with acceptance and support. Gradually the continent begins to rebuild, as the reasoning for why Rhódania and Demethrin distrusted each other seem superfluous in the wake of such a tragic event. Ginkgo returns to her mother, and hears the voice of her father grant her Ginkgo’s true form: a Dragon’s wings, as the new protector of these woods. 

Long after the danger has passed, King Midas has a statue erected in the Throne Room of Cathremand. Of Ginkgo, Astra, and Aegis, with Gekáto and Kamora standing together, their pinkies linked. This commemorates the Demethrin Five, as they stand together forever.

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