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Bad & The Beautiful

Welcome to Las Vegas! Join our Coterie as they work to pull off a dangerous heist amidst the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas Nightlife. We can't guarantee many things but there will be blood...

Episode One
"Brutal Hearts"

A group of vampires (colloquially known as Kindred) gather at a popular casino - The Viridian Dream, which is on the unseen border between Anarch and Camarilla territory. They're attending this evening's masquerade ball (on the nose, I know) for a single purpose; to break into the vault located deep beneath the ground floor. Where untold riches and rewards await their efforts, along with an unknown treasure rumored to be the "house's greatest mystery." While the allegiances of this coterie are questionable, they each bring a unique skill set to this heist operation. And then there's Joey, an ambitious young man convinced that the alt rock scene from the early 2000's is going to make a comeback any day now. Somewhere in the hotel, a man’s life fades away as a Kindred feeds from his neck, identifiable only by a shock of blue hair. 


Teddy and Nemo are the two Malkavians of the group. Nemo is looking uncharacteristically cleaned up, with his blond hair in a bun and a two-toned suit, along with a mask in accordance with the masquerade-themed evening. Teddy is wearing a jumpsuit (not her usual attire) along with her signature leather jacket and her bright blue hair styled. Teddy is rather perturbed as she ran background checks on everyone in the coterie and Nemo had the least amount of available information in his records. Teddy suspects that Nemo has a reputation as a Kindred named Mr. Nobody, but receives no confirmation on this theory of hers. The first hour of Indigo’s plan involves being seen publicly, feeding if any of their coterie needs to feed, before venturing to the basement levels. As Nemo has awoken hungrier than usual, he’s keen to feed again. 


Inside the Viridian Dream Casino is a coffee shop, where Joey Labomnt attempts to slip his demo album into the rack of CD’s for sale at the counter. The barista notices this, but seems to shake it off, recommending that Joey order a Red Eye if he’s going to be playing at the casino later. Across the way at Fantasme, Lucien Oriel and his assistant Amaranthe are going over this evening’s agenda. Amaranthe will be investigating rumors of a cult that have taken up residence inside the hotel. Lucien does his best to reassure his childe that although this operation is risky, life is no fun without taking a few risks. Lucien receives a text from Indigo; their van will arrive in fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, upstairs in a tangle of limbs and pleasurable giggles, Evelyn Perelli enjoys an early evening round of decadence with her ghouls Alastair and Deirdre, who she refers to affectionately as Daddy and Mommy, respectively. A text from Evelyn spoils the mood, as she must get ready to make an appearance downstairs. Deirdre wears a dress that closely resembles a Regency era wedding gown. Further down the hall, Kitty Cane wakes with an evening’s freshness as she prepares herself an ensemble fit for a Queen. They don’t know it yet, but eventually the two of them will venture downstairs to Fantasme where they are expected by Indigo. 


While entering the casino Teddy bumps into someone that triggers an unprovoked premonition. It’s a memory from years ago, where a handsome stranger tells her she’s becoming all she was meant to be, before embracing her passionately. Back in the present, Teddy turns toward the stranger wondering if it was the same man from her vision. It turns out to be someone with a similar build and features: actor Sebastian Stan, who turns to take a selfie with a fan. Never mind that, for now Teddy has work to do. Since Nemo now has a chance to feed, he learns by asking around where to go for these private rooms available for feeding purposes. This is a practice that is not strictly ethical among Camarilla establishments like The Viridian Dream. Nemo’s cash pays for a room that is soon occupied by a blonde woman presumably in the employ of the casino. This woman recognizes Nemo, bewildered as she asks, “Dad?” 


Joey’s wandering around and enjoying his coffee, wondering where and when he’s going to play during tonight’s show. He’s scheduled for a performance. He wanders into a similar private room that is full of odd looking furniture which he assumes is the green room for his performance. Joey sits on top of the pommel horse, pulling out his guitar and playing his music. It’s a mix of early 2000’s alternative and Taylor Swift. Meanwhile in Fantasme, Kitty arrives and notices the stage looks rather lonely. Lucien emerges from his office to find Kitty putting on a vocal performance to uproarious applause. Evelyn seems mildly amused from where she sits in the club, with her Ghouls. Evelyn, Kitty, and Lucien are at least aware of each other, though more by reputation than official introduction. Teddy investigates this guitar music only to find a young man playing a small Taylor Swift concert from atop a pommel horse. He introduces himself to Teddy; he’s Joey Labomnt, and he’s got a confession for Teddy - Taylor Swift stole all of his music from the public domain! Nemo arrives, fascinated by this discovery; turns out, he’s a big fan of Joey’s, and asks for an autograph! 


Indigo dubs Joey a liability and has no trouble convincing Joey to come with them, as long as they point him in the direction of either the green room or the stage. Teddy will look out for this human liability, although he seems pretty cute. Together Indigo, Nemo, Teddy, and Joey head for Fantasme, where inside Lucien applauds Kitty for her performance. Indigo points out to Teddy who they’re working with as she decides their next task. Everyone must leave for the ballroom two or three at a time, separately so as not to arouse suspicion. Evelyn recognizes Joey, he’s a friend of one of her clients - Paul Rudd. First it’s Lucien and Kitty that leave for the ballroom, where the service entrance to the basement levels is conveniently located. Teddy and Joey leave next, followed by Evelyn and her Ghouls, and finally Indigo and Nemo. They manage to blend in with the crowd and reach the service entrance, where Teddy gets to work diverting the security cameras away from where they’re going. 


Lucien and Evelyn make a formal introduction, where he remarks that she’s quite skilled with getting out of trouble. Evelyn tries to deny this fact, and enforce it in Lucien’s mind through her talent of mesmerism. This fails to work, and only causes Lucien to grow more suspicious of Evelyn. Meanwhile Joey practices, and surprises Kitty by placing an earbud from his iPod nano into her ear. Kitty taps into her Auspex Discipline and has a vision of the road ahead; unfortunately, it looks to be bloody and dangerous. Teddy struggles because a few security cameras in the eastern wing are glitching and she can’t track where it’s coming from. Nemo manages to help, though Teddy assumes it’s because of a member of the LaSombra clan. Down the hallway, heeled footsteps start to approach, and a tune familiar to Lucien is whistled. This is Dione Riga, the head of management here at the Dream. Her catching them this early could be very bad. Indigo asks Joey to play something to distract from the sounds of all of them racing into the elevator, dragging Joey inside before the doors close and Dione rounds the corner. Given he’s still a liability, Indigo Compels Joey to stay alert and look out for everyone in this elevator. As the elevator travels downward, Kitty shares the details of her vision with the group. Once they arrive, the first thing everyone hears is a loud, grating shriek.

Episode Two
"Time In A Bottle"

Before our view returns to the Coterie on their descent toward the vault, we center on the level below the penthouse suites. Focusing on a door that has been visibly defaced from the outside. There are sounds of muffled shouts, furniture being shifted, along with several loud thumps. A determined voice shouts, “You’ll have to do better than that! Do you have any idea who my Daddy is?!” 


We center on the Fang Gang, as they descend toward the second sub-basement level. Teddy risks hunger, largely ignoring the voice of her Beast which seems to split into two separate personalities. Still, Teddy needs to learn more about who Joey really is. Through Scry the Soul, Teddy discovers that Joey Labomnt was turned around the same time she was, Joey and belongs to the Brujah clan. Teddy also gets a sense of Joey’s general state of being: while he might be worried, he maintains his overall neutral mask. There’s little doubt in Teddy’s mind that Joey is another Kindred now. Still, Teddy can see a dark violet aura surrounding Joey now, typically associated with other Kindred that have committed a devious act. 


When the elevator doors open, they hear that screech. After it settles, a feminine voice speaks, “Is that someone new? I don’t like that.” This voice comes from the far end of the room. In the Coterie’s immediate vicinity is a small armory stocked with nonlethal riot gear. There’s a trail of blood leading into the next section. The most deadly weapons in the room are six handguns, placed on a rack above two bins full of tranquilizer guns. While Kitty is a vision of calm on the outside, she’s pissed at the state of this room and her family’s hotel overall. Overall, Kitty isn’t happy, and tells Lucien as much. He feels the same way. Still, they ought to prepare for whatever happens next. 


Kitty’s already armed, but takes a handgun once she’s sure that the weapon is automatic. The tranquilizer guns let Kitty know that someone hasn’t been following the rules very well. Still, she also takes a tranquilizer gun. Teddy will take two tranquilizer guns. As Evelyn takes a baton, Lucien tells Indigo to let them know if there’s anything else she hasn’t told this group. The most Indigo knows is that they’re in uncharted territory, and she has no reason to lie to them from this point onward. Indigo pulls out her much larger gun, walking into the next section. Joey’s still mostly unsure of what’s happening. Kitty can’t answer that for him, but she’ll follow after Indigo. Nemo isn’t too sure himself; the blood on the floor makes him think someone must have been a messy eater. Since everyone else is picking up guns, he’ll take one as well. 


Lucien arms himself with his phone, struggling to find a signal while he’s this far down. Teddy tells Lucien to put on riot gear in order to protect his figure, which makes Evelyn chuckle. When another text fails to deliver, he puts on a weighted Kevlar vest to follow Indigo and Kitty. Nemo will also take a vest, while Kitty ensures he stays behind her. Evelyn ensures Alastair and Deirdre are protected with riot gear, before absentmindedly investigating the blood on the floor. Alastair takes a Kevlar vest and puts a handgun in the waistband of his pants. Deirdre picks up a vest and a helmet, to put over her Regency era wedding gown. Flashing two thumbs up to Evelyn, she reassures Evelyn that while this place is very creepy, she's sure they will make it out soon. Joey sees people grabbing guns and kevlar vests. Still the Compulsion that Indigo placed on Joey urges him to stay alert and protect everyone. He’ll take a riot shield, and a tranquilizer gun to shove in his back pocket.


The next section of this level is a chaotic mess. Whatever the original purpose of this room was has been forgotten in a blur of destroyed furniture and bloodstains. It is now a holding cell for a single woman, bolted to the wall by a chain connected to a metal collar around her neck. This woman’s pallor is corpselike, making her dyed cotton candy pink hair and overgrown roots stand stark against her skin. In some places her hair has dried over in blood. The length of the chain prevents her from getting too close to any visitors. She sizes this group up before her eyes land on Teddy. While Teddy doesn’t recognize her, this woman chalks it up to her bad luck that she’d run into Teddy. She lets out a maniacal cackle, though as her eyes move to Nemo’s she abruptly stops laughing. As this woman stares into Nemo’s eyes, he experiences a premonition. 


Nemo has a vision of the night he died. How he sought a fortune teller for guidance during a particularly low point of his human life. This mysterious stranger pulled their hood back, revealing more well-maintained pink hair. Nemo looked worried when he saw her face, but he was ultimately unable to get away when she lunged for him. He sees her sink her fangs into his neck, feeling the phantom sensation of his heartbeat slowing until it stopped. For the first time, Nemo comes face to face with his Sire. He couldn’t remember her face before, but he heard her voice whenever he got hungry. His Sire admits she never thought she’d see him again, revealing her name to be Desirae. Nemo asks whether or not Desirae knows his name. Unfortunately, she does. Desirae apologizes, explaining that turning Nemo was not her idea. It was her Sire’s. 


After he fell unconscious, Desirae went through his pockets. She found an ID, a wedding band, and a family photo. He was with a tall older woman with mousy brown hair, and between them was a little girl with blonde hair, approximately four or five years old. Desirae reveals that Nemo’s name was Anders. This name is familiar to Lucien and Teddy, who each did their own background checks on the different members of this operation. They each found the obituary for a man named Anders Green, survived by his loving wife Lara and daughter Alice. The ages in the photo line up, enough for Teddy to realize that she knew Alice when she was in the asylum. Kitty takes a protective step closer to Nemo. Desirae reiterates that it wasn’t her idea to turn Nemo, he didn’t deserve to have that happen to him. When Desirae mentions her Sire, her eyes snap to Teddy’s. The truth comes out: they have the same Sire, Jude. 


Teddy assumes Jude did it to mess with her. Lucien, who is unfortunately familiar with Jude, muses that he did it because he’s an asshole. Desirae had no idea why, but she seems sorry that she was manipulated into doing it to begin with. Teddy apologizes to Nemo, revealing what she knows about Alice. The last time Teddy saw her, she was getting released from the Asylum. Wherever she is now, she’s clearly doing a lot better. Nemo’s alarmed; he’s missed so much over the years. Desirae adds that if this group is here, then Daddy Dearest can’t be far behind. She knows management called him to come get her, after she got kicked out of the cult that recruited a ton of models. Desirae describes them as the one making a big stink around here, meaning the Viridian Dream. This gets Lucien’s attention; Amaranthe was sent to deal with the cult rumors earlier tonight. 


Teddy wants to know more, but Lucien’s frustrated by the lack of signal. Evelyn pokes the bear, asking him to turn it off and back on again. Lucien says he certainly doesn’t need advice from Evelyn, he’ll deal with her later. Evelyn tells him to go fuck himself, then. If Lucien will allow it, Teddy can jailbreak his phone to get a better signal. Kitty is struck by a sudden realization. Kitty asks after Amaranthe. She’s heard rumors of this cult, but didn’t want to bring trouble to him and his business. Kitty reveals what she knows. The cult was formed by other Toreadors that tried to recruit her. She has a horrible feeling that Amaranthe might be in trouble. Lucien will allow Teddy to jailbreak his phone, slamming it into her hand. Revealing the task he’d delegated to Amaranthe tonight; investigating rumors of a cult that stayed in one of the hotel rooms long past checkout. Based on what he’s just learned, coupled with the texts he received earlier, he agrees that Amaranthe is not safe. Evelyn mutters, “Better keep an eye on your babies, from now on.” 


After Teddy jailbreaks his phone, Lucien has a signal in the basement. A video appears in his group chat with Amaranthe and the Twins, from Amaranthe’s phone. It’s a five-second video, with audible shouting in the background and quickened footsteps. Amaranthe shouts the same word that she texted Lucien earlier before the video ends. Musarum. The word translates from Latin to “Of the muses”, which is another name for the Toreadors. Lucien returns to the armory to pick up the biggest gun he can find, before returning to the group with his phone stashed in his jacket pocket. He does not look happy. Evelyn continues to stir up trouble, asking what’s ruffled his feathers. Lucien tells Evelyn, in all seriousness, “Speak another word to me like that and I’ll have your fucking tongue.” Evelyn’s cheeky response is the start of their confrontation. Kitty worries that there simply isn’t time for this. Lucien demands to know who Evelyn killed to gain the boons she so frivolously shows off. He’s aware that she isn’t a Ventrue. Evelyn denies his accusations, leading Lucien to respond with, “Keep telling the world that, darling. Eventually, you might believe it.” 


Nemo insists that they need to move on. He’s still processing how much more information everyone else seems to know about his life than he does. Kitty’s only met him today, and Joey still doesn’t know any of these people. This prompts Lucien to ask Joey, “You’re still fucking here?” Kitty turns to Teddy and Indigo, unsure of what to do about Desirae. Nemo would like to free her, but Teddy doesn’t trust her intentions. Trust is a precious resource right now. Hearing them talk about freeing her, Desirae reveals that the chain bolting her to the wall is enchanted. She’s not going anywhere. Lucien watches the video a few more times. From the view of the floor, it’s obvious to Lucien that they’re at least on hotel property. Kitty recognizes the carpeting as one of the economy rooms. Indigo is able to determine that it would take more time than they have to break the ward on Desirae’s chains. Kitty uses her Heightened Senses to see symbols on the wall. One is a painted rose traditionally associated with the Toreador clan. The other is a sloppily painted upside down letter A.


Kitty makes the connection that as the cult went after Amaranthe, the letter A must have some significance. Moreover, Kitty correctly identifies the room to be an economy suite. As Lucien’s phone is correctly working now, he texts the Twins a single word: hunt. Allowing them to draw their own conclusions. Desirae isn’t deterred; after all, Daddy’s coming to take her home from soccer practice. Teddy tells Desirae to tell Jude to go fuck himself. Desirae’s gonna get right on that. Though first, she reveals what she knows about the lower levels of the basement. It’s publicly closed for repairs, but Desirae makes it clear that that’s bullshit. She points out the door to her right, which is made of metal and has more than a few bloody handprints. She tried to get past the door, but she couldn’t go more than twenty feet. When Teddy asks where the cult is, Desirae recalls the number 169 which is an economy room at the far end of the first floor, toward the swimming pool. Kitty would know the way. What she can’t work out is why Desirae is here, when there’s an entire cult upstairs. Desirae explains Dione caught her, and forced her to endure torture at the hands of Demetrius. 


Kitty and Teddy would recognize that Demetrius, Pit Boss of the Viridian Dream, should be avoided at all costs. Desirae adds that she told Dione where the rest of the cult were, but Dione wanted to get her out of the way because she was a nuisance. She didn’t care about the others. Now, Desirae doesn’t remember how long it’s been since she’s eaten. Evelyn keeps hold of Alastair and Deirdre at that remark. Nemo takes a moment to go into the other room and hyperventilate. Joey and Indigo follow. Indigo feels for Nemo, but she imagines more might start to make sense if they were able to push through this part and make it to the vault. Nemo needs a minute. He wanted answers, and he got them. Now, he wants to find his daughter. Joey opens his guitar bag, pulling out an empty paper bag and handing it to Nemo so he can hyperventilate. Nemo feels like he’s freaking out, but Joey’s there to reassure him that he’s entitled to his emotions. Still, being apart from his daughter likely hasn’t stopped her from loving him. Now he can make up for lost time, and shower her with all that love. Nemo hopes Joey’s right. This is enough to make him calm again. Joey tells Nemo to take five, while he goes to talk to Pegasus a while longer. 


Kitty turns to Indigo. This group is torn about what to do next. Amaranthe is in danger. She asks if Indigo’s still sure they want to do this, when someone else might be getting hurt. Indigo insists that time is running out; before charging into another situation where they don’t know what they’re up against, why not find a way to tip the balance of power in their favor? Right now management might already know they’re here. Indigo doesn’t know for sure, that’s why she wanted people that could handle technology better. Indigo votes for pushing through this, and doing it quickly. Meanwhile, Joey takes out his guitar, strumming the ‘A’ chord repeatedly. He points out the connection between all of the ‘A’ names lately. Anders, Alice, Amaranthe, and Alastair. It’s an unusual coincidence. Indigo’s briefly bewildered; but Nemo frets that they’ll move on to the ‘B’ names at some point. Right now there’s no time to worry about that. Kitty nods; knowing a decision must be made. Lucien appeals to Indigo. What happened to the older generations of vampire that sought power in a similar manner? How many of them are still standing? Lucien prides himself on finding alternative means to seize power for himself. He adds that there’s power in people, and right now one of his people needs him. 


Teddy reasons that they can always come back. Right now, Amaranthe’s life's in jeopardy. Nemo has an idea. He’ll see if the girl from before was telling the truth about being his daughter. Using Share the Senses, he sees through her eyes. Alice appears to be standing in a stairwell, watching as a man with silver hair and a silver jacket vanishes from sight. He enters the room from the stairwell, the door appearing to open and close on its own. To everyone else on this level, it looks like nothing is there. Everyone except for Teddy, who hears a whisper in her ear, of “Daddy’s home.” Teddy elbows Jude in the sternum, dropping his Unseen Passage as he lands against the nearest wall. Jude praises Teddy for her efforts. He came her to get his sister, but he’s down to make this a family reunion. Teddy shouts for everyone else to leave while they still can. Evelyn grabs Deirdre and Alastair and heads for the stairwell. Nemo’s right behind Evelyn, heading into the same stairwell where Alice has been hiding. 


When Kitty tries to pull Joey to safety, he shakes his head. He wants to stay, because he doesn’t like where this is going. Lucien takes a step toward the door, before heaving an aggravated sigh. He needs Teddy, so they’d better make this quick. Pulling out his gun, he points it sideways at Jude. Telling the man that he was a disappointing lay before pulling the trigger. Desirae cheers when the shot lands. Kitty will stay to protect the youngins. Jude lunges toward Lucien, pinning him to the wall and punching him in the chest. Fortunately, Lucien’s still wearing the Kevlar Teddy told him to put on. Joey intervenes, pulling Jude away from Lucien with his Uncanny Grip. Before suplexing this bitch, he quotes one of his infamous song lyrics. Jude has been knocked down, but he’s not out. The shot that rings out from Kitty’s gun ricochets off the wall before the bullet lodges firmly in Jude’s spine. Kitty simply says, “Don’t get up.” Still, she’s nervous, unaccustomed to these sorts of encounters.


Meanwhile in the stairwell, Nemo briefly sees himself through his daughter’s eyes before he drops Share the Senses. He apologizes that he didn’t believe her before. He wants to get her out of here, but Alice is scared by the gunshots outside. Nemo gives his Kevlar vest to Alastair. Meanwhile Alastair and Deidre position themselves in front of Evelyn just in case anyone else tries to enter the stairwell. Evelyn knows they can take care of themselves, so she’s going to see if the others need help. Before she leaves, Evelyn shares a tender kiss with each of her Ghouls. With a shout of “Good luck, my darling,” from Alastair, Evelyn enters the fray. Lucien looks at Jude splayed out on the floor. He briefly looks at Teddy with a confident smile, before looking back at this disgusting piece of shit. He says, “This might seem like a punishment, but I’m doing the whole world a favor right now. You won’t be needing this.” Lucien points the gun at Jude’s crotch and pulls the trigger. Evelyn arrives, seeing she’s missed a party. 


A shot rings out and an ear-piercing shout is heard, in the bloodiest point-blank shot of the evening. Teddy quick-draws the guns she grabbed earlier, pointing them into Jude’s chest and saying “You shouldn’t have fucked with me.” With those parting words, she fires two shots into his chest and sends her Sire into Torpor. Before he fades away, Jude whispers that he’s proud of Teddy. After he’s unconscious, Teddy acknowledges out loud that she doesn’t need him to be proud of her anymore. Desirae whistles. While they did a good job, now she’s pretty much stuck here. Lucien’s headed for the elevator, with Teddy following close behind. Kitty says to Joey, “Nice moves. Let’s go.” Evelyn watches everybody dash for the elevator. Before she leaves, she pricks her finger and gives Desirae enough of her blood to slake some Hunger. After it’s over, Desirae looks at Evelyn with lust-clouded eyes. The Blood Bond has her now. Evelyn rubs her thumb across Desirae’s lips, murmuring that she’ll see her later. Desirae says, “Yes, Mommy.” Evelyn collects Alastair and Deirdre from the stairwell, returning to the elevator. 


Nemo keeps Alice behind him as they reenter the room. Indigo stayed behind to make sure they were alright. Everyone heads for the elevator; their new objective is clear. Find Amaranthe, and stop the cult. As the elevator rises toward the first level, Nemo wants to find a safe place for Alice to stay. Given that Alice is technically an employee of the Dream, Indigo reasons that she’d know the best place to stay. Alice suggests the break room, where she isn’t likely to be bothered. Nemo will find her there when the time is right. There’s a lot they need to talk about. Given the added protection of the kevlar vest, Alice should be okay to find her own way. When the elevator reaches the top, she’ll go a different direction. Still, Nemo hopes they’ll see each other again. Joey can’t believe Lucien shot Jude in the dick. He knows that Jude was a dick, but going right for the dick? Lucien adds that the world isn’t missing anything. Lucien asks if Teddy would like a job once this situation is resolved. Teddy’s on board. Kitty looks to Evelyn and her ghouls, remarking that it’s nice to see that she cares. Evelyn feels somewhat gratified that someone else sees that. Most of the people in this elevator think she’s a bitch, though Evelyn knows that’s true. Kitty adds that Evelyn can be both. Now she’s seen that Evelyn can be a lot kinder than people give her credit for, which is nice. 


Evelyn observes that kindness doesn’t save you in this world. Kitty adds, “No, but it saves your soul, somehow.” Kitty has learned a lot in her unlife. Reasoning that whenever Evelyn’s going through hell, kindness brings her back. Adding that Evelyn ought to be kinder to herself. Also, while Alastair and Deirdre take very good care of her, they shouldn’t get in the way. Meanwhile, Nemo’s worried. They were nearly discovered by Dione when they first entered the elevator, and now they’re going back. Lucien can handle Dione. Still, Teddy will double check the security cameras, seeing that most of them are still diverted from her earlier efforts. Teddy’s determination lets her reach the feed in Dione’s office, which isn’t easy given her nature as a Lasombra and how they react to technology. Dione tosses a book inelegantly at the window, shouting as she paces in her office. The audio from her office is also garbled. Another person walks in, which makes the video feed go fuzzy. Teddy hears a fragmented sentence from Dione, “If they…what’s in the vault…rip their…” before she lets out a scream. The new person tries to comfort Dione, but she flies into a wild rage destroying things in her office. The video feed glitches out entirely. 


Teddy reveals to the Coterie that management isn’t happy they made it as close to the vault as they did. Indigo’s worried; they’ll have to take another crack at the vault, and management could make things much more difficult. Still, it’ll be worth it to ensure Amaranthe is safe, and to eventually discover the secret of the vault. Lucien asks if Kitty fancies screwing over Dione, which isn’t even a question for Kitty. Of course she is. Management has let this place go to hell, and Kitty has an entire list of Dione’s offenses. It’s a wonder that the contract is still standing; she should have been gone by now. Lucien’s sure that if they put their minds together, they could do something about that. Teddy’s sure that she can help, while Lucien assures her that she’s already hired. As long as Kitty’s around, Teddy’s always allowed in the Viridian Dream. No matter what Dione, that absolute wreck of a person thinks, Kitty intends to stay in order to protect her family’s legacy. Indigo adds that now would be the time to call in any allies that could help. They can’t afford to keep this operation between themselves anymore. Teddy’s got some contacts she can call. Meanwhile, Indigo apologizes to Joey. They weren’t expecting to have him tag along. It could be dangerous for him to be seen with them. Still, if she lets him go, Indigo doesn’t know who he would turn around and talk to. 


Indigo asks Joey to make a choice. Is he going to stay with them, or is he going to leave and become a problem? Joey tunes his guitar, stretching his fingers before he plays a few bars of Careless Whisper. He knows he’s in too deep now, so he’s staying. Plus, he can’t let go of Lucien shooting a guy in the dick! The elevator doors open in the middle of this group’s debate on where the best place is to shoot a man. Kitty takes a moment to freshen up, should she need to divert any unwanted attention. Now that Lucien’s back upstairs his signal is better, and texts start coming through to his phone. The Twins sent Lucien several updates. They’re outside of the room with the cult, and they’re armed. Most notably, Amaranthe appears to be unharmed. There’s a lot of voices inside the room, but they will handle themselves accordingly. Kitty knows the quickest way to the hotel floors; through a small hidden elevator by the cleaning closets. With practiced ease Kitty reveals the hidden button, which has since been upgraded to a numerical pad that Teddy figures out the code for in no time. This code reveals an elevator slightly more cramped than the one they just existed. Most of the Coterie can fit, though Evelyn gets pressed up against both her ghouls for a brief hot and sweaty ride up to the first floor of the hotel. 


This hidden elevator lets out closer to Room 150, and this group would recall they need to reach 169. Kitty summons another vision of the future, grabbing hold of Lucien’s arm as her eyes transmute from a glowing golden to an electric green color. At first the images in Kitty’s mind are vague, though they eventually coalesce into a view of a partially defaced hotel room. Against the wall where the bed should be is a St. James cross that’s been crudely altered. Tied to the cross with barbed wire digging into her wrists and ankles is a bloodied woman with short, close-cropped hair. Her clothing is torn, it looks like she’s been fighting to survive. The woman spits blood, and Kitty hears the tail end of her threat to whoever she’s staring down before the vision ends. “When my Daddy gets a hold of you—!” Kitty grips Lucien’s arm tighter when she returns to the present moment, relaying this information to him. Lucien says, “Well, then. Guess it’s back to the old ways.” Those that know Lucien would know he never pulls his tie loose, or unbuttons the top button. He does both at this moment, dropping the fake glasses on the floor. The first step he takes as he walks toward the hotel room crushes the glasses beneath his heel. Kitty leads the way, intending to greet the other Toreadors so they don’t get spooked by the Coterie. As Kitty activates Unseen Passage, her hunger increases. When the voice of her Sire tells her to take a drink from one of these people, she responds that she’d rather spill his blood instead. 


Everyone else watches as Kitty becomes more transparent until she turns invisible, while approaching the defaced door. Hearing thumping music from inside the room, Kitty presumes they wouldn’t hear her approach. Nemo activates Sense the Unseen, so he can see where Kitty is and be aware of anyone else attempting to use Unseen Passage. Nemo can now see the outline of Kitty, along with a spectral figure that appears further down the hall. It observes the Coterie and Nemo before waving with long, bony fingers. Nemo waves back. The rest of the group observes Nemo waving at nothing. As Nemo approaches the ghost, the door to this hotel room opens. A male figure dressed in a pristine black pinstriped suit emerges. He wears a signature tie clip in the shape of a mask. He closes the door behind him, carrying an ice bucket that appears to be sloshing. Kitty recognizes this man as Demetrius, Pit Boss of the Viridian Dream. Demetrius sets the ice bucket down, not noticing the backsplash as he does. He folds his arms, addressing Lucien first with, “How can I help you, Mr. Oriel?” 


Lucien responds simply. “You can get out of my fucking way.” Demetrius adds that there’s no need for hostility, only for Lucien to aim his gun at him and speak these words in Latin. “Yield, or be decimated.” Demetrius kicks the bucket over with his foot, letting blood spill onto the carpet. He responds to Lucien, “It’s all taken care of. You’re welcome to take a look. Your childe is unharmed.” Lucien would be aware of Demetrius’ reputation as a fixer. Because his palate is so particular, he only gets called in under special circumstances. When Demetrius feeds, the other person typically does not survive. Management delegated the task of dealing with the cult to Lucien, but Amaranthe failed to report in to Dione leading her to assume that something had gone wrong. That is why Demetrius was summoned. From inside there is still thumping music, but there’s no more shouting voices. Lucien gets the sense that kicking the bucket over was Demetrius’ way of providing proof that the situation had been handled. Lucien glares at Demetrius before storming into the room with Kitty following close behind, still invisible. The furniture in the room has been either shoved to the side or destroyed. Three corpses of indeterminate nature are splayed throughout the room. Amaranthe sits on the ground, holding her bleeding wrists. Lucien rushes to Amaranthe’s side. 


Amaranthe admits that she didn’t think it would get this bad. Lucien wants to know everything. Amaranthe begins by saying that the Toreador cult known as the Cult of Amaranthe tried to sacrifice her to summon their God into the world. Just because she had the same name as their precious deity. Amaranthe’s never heard anything so foolish in her unlife. Lucien helps her keep pressure on her bleeding wrist. Amaranthe is relieved to see that Lucien is safe. He proclaims she’d be proud of him; he shot a man in the dick tonight. She figures whoever that was must have deserved it. Lucien helps Amaranthe to her feet, as Kitty asks Lucien where the Twins are. Amaranthe heard that the Twins were going to find Lucien. Somewhere along the way these people must have taken her phone. Lucien reassures Amaranthe that she’s safe now, as Kitty offers her suite for Amaranthe to recover. Meanwhile, the Twins ride alone down the same service elevator the Coterie had visited earlier. They worry for Amaranthe, though as they arrive in the armory, both visibly recoil at the sight of all that blood. Further inside, they encounter Desirae and the bloodied corpse of Jude in Torpor. Desirae says to the Twins, “You guys might want to run.” Both hear the sounds of mechanical hums, clicks, and whirs. Something expensive and mechanical slowly opens. The vault. They wait, unsure of what to do next. 


Nearly five minutes pass, until another person enters from the stairwell. Their face is partially concealed by a mask that covers their nose and forehead. They are distinguishable only by their shock of blue hair. They reach up, and take off this mask. Our view centers on their familiar face. They look like Teddy, if she had aged five to ten more years before being Embraced. In the center of her forehead, is a third eye. It moves wherever she looks, reacting like a normal eye. This person turns, looking to Desirae and the body in Torpor. When they look back at the Twins, their pupils expand until their entire eye is swallowed up by an ocean of darkness.

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