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About Quest Junkies

Quest Junkies is the perfect place to get your weekly dose of immersive storytelling and laughter! Our actual play shows are a great way to experience the world of Tabletop Role Playing Games as our team of players journey through the realms of fantasy. Whether it be through the mystical lands of Rhódania, or the beautiful shores of Wildemount, there's always a story to be told.

In our stories, the audience is one of the main characters and can interact with the party and the DM as they take us on a wild ride. We strive to bring a unique spin to the classic TTRPG experience and make sure that no two episodes are the same. Get ready for an adventure like no other and join us at Quest Junkies!

Oren Cohen -

"Quest Junkies has been a pleasant surprise after my vast experience with Dimension 20. The Wildemount Chronicles was my entry season into QJUK, and I fell in love immediately. The people around the table are so nice and talented, and Patch is exactly the type of DM I love to watch as he makes the decisions that make me side with the players against him. But other than those aspects of the campaign, I believe the one aspect of QJ that makes it different from traditional TTRPG campaigns like Dimension 20 and Critical Role is the participation aspect through giving inspiration and the Wheel of Chaos. I feel vastly more invested in the story when I'm given the toolbox to help shape it. And that makes it much more personal to me. Highly recommend checking the channel out, especially if you can catch it live - the energy is palpable."

TTRPG's We Play (& Some We Are Playing Soon!)

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